Brian K Balfour

Growth Leader, Entrepreneur, & Angel Investor

VP Growth @ HubSpot, Formerly EIR @ Trinity Ventures, Co-Founder of Boundless ,Co-Founder of Viximo, Co-Founder reCatalyze & PopSignal. Growth advisor to Boundless, Gametime, and Namo Media. Investor in GrabCad, Helpscout, and Shareaholic

Email Me: [first initial][lastname] at gmail.com


Why Growth?

As Paul Graham eloquently put it, “Startups = Growth.”  While he was referring to the growth of a startup’s customers, I believe startups are also one of the best vehicles to maximize the growth of people.  It pushes your limits, forces you to think about things you otherwise wouldn’t, and surrounds yourself with some of the smartest and motivated people out there.  

I have primarily expressed my passion for growth through my concentration on the intersection of product and user/customer acquisition.  But I am also fascinated with how to grow teams, processes, cultures, and most importantly people (including myself).  

Professional Background

I'm currently the VP of Growth at Hubspot working on new product initiatives such as Sidekick..  Check this page out if you are interested in working with an awesome growth team.  

I’ve been a co-founder of 4 companies in the past 10 years, 2 VC backed, 1 angel backed, 1 bootstrapped. 2 acquired, 1 shut down, 1 TBD. I’m currently focused on finding the next company I want to build.  In the meantime I am consulting and advising a few select companies on growth. On this site you will you will notice I don't post as often as others (typically once a month).  That is because I prefer to focus on quality and uniqueness over quantity.  The best way to make sure you don't miss my posts is to subscribe to my newsletter

Currently... Advisor/Consultant to Boundless, Namo Media (Acquired by Twitter), Gametime.  Angel investor in Grabcad, Shareaholic, Helpscout.  

Previously...EIR at Trinity Ventures, Co-Founder/CMO at Boundless, Co-Founder/VP Product Marketing at Viximo (acquired by Tapjoy), Founder/CEO of Unique Production (acquired by multiple parties), Co-Founder/CEO of Celestine Inc (defunct).  

Growth Consulting and Advising

I do growth consulting and advising on a selective basis.  I can add the most value if you have reached just started to reach product market fit and are ready to put a formal growth process and machine in place.  If interested please email me (info at the top of this page).   

Personal Background

Give me a University of Michigan Football game, a Bud Light (don’t judge), and some BBQ and I couldn’t be happier.  I’m a classic midwesterner, born and raised in Michigan, and a Sports Business, Statistics, and Economics alumni of the University of Michigan.  While I am based in San Francisco you will often find me in LA, Chicago, Boston, and Michigan spending time with friends and other entrepreneurs.